8.02.20 Ascent@Home

Today we hear from Pastor Dave Thompson, Elder Brendan Huff shares a short encouragement with us, and we are lead in worship through song by Tia Gerdsen and James Cox.

To see this week's worship service and message on YouTube CLICK HERE.

  • Look up. step up. lift up.

    We are hopeful people at Ascent. And we believe all of our lives ought to be both pointed and moving upward.  God is our Hope and to whom we are moving.  It's our prayer that everyone in Evergreen, our mountain community, and the larger world could experience this!   And while we believe in upwardness, we also know that life can be filled with hardships and confusions.  This is why we firmly believe that God and His Truth are trying to speak to us to move us up to Him and to encourage others to do the same.  Ascent aims to LOOK UP to our Creator, STEP UP to our Calling, and LIFT UP our Community.  #OurSundaysChangeOurMondays